Vi-HRMS Plans
(Price per Employee)
Time Keeper
Per Month
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HR Manager
Per Month
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Per Month
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Batch Time Update (Update hourly workers' time quickly)
Employee Information System
Export to Visual Payroll
Export Timecard to Quickbooks
Supervisor Mobile App (Swipes Employee's Card when they arrive on site. Gps Fencing Available)
Photo Capture Time Clock
Categorize Employee by Department
Employee Mobile Check in/out with GPS Fencing
Employment Letters
Employee Expense Module
Award Module
Training Module
Web Clock in / out for Desktop Users
View Company Notices and Events
Auto Print Work Permit Renewal Forms*
Create & Set Leave Quota
Email System & Personal Event Calendar
Employee Self-Service Portal
Employee Leave Application
Task Management
Built in Payment Frequencies - Fortnightly, Bimonthly, Weekly & Daily
Bulk Payments - Calcuate payments for all employees at the same time.
Bulk Check Payments (Print all your salary checks with payslips easily)
Direct Deposit File Creation
Multi-Language Support
Salary / Houly Calculations with Overtime, SS, NHI & Payroll Taxes
Quickbooks Online & Desktop Integration (Coming soon)*
Government Reports (NHI, SS and Payroll)
Unlimited Company Wide & Employee Specific Allowances and Deductions
Generate Payslips
Historical Make Payment (Update Previous Years Quickly. Helps with Taxes)